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Overseas group has vast experience in print, electronic and audio-visual media. We run a publication house called Look East Media Pvt Ltd., a web and print magazine called Bangla Street, and an Audio-visual production house called Meera International Films and are associated with many successful projects.

Publication House

Look East Media Look East Media Pvt Ltd. started its publication journey of books in the year 2013 which touch base on socio-political, literary and other concerning areas which needs a voice in the society. We are an internationally acclaimed publication house where books are mainly published in two languages – Bengali and English. Many notable and amateur writers have used this platform to express their views and works through various books and titles.

Out of the many acclaimed books published under this house, some names are worth mentioning:

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Web & Print Magazine

Bangla Street

Bangla Street, a monthly magazine published independently by Overseas group, is devoted to short stories, articles, essays, political features, film news, round up from village, poetry, art and criticism by new as well as renowned writers. It is also the only publication to offer full-length novellas and film and drama scripts, complete with camera and stage directions. The magazine was conceived as a platform to carry important works in the Bengali language along with the best of contemporary foreign writing in the translated form.

Bangla Street is also open to widen its circulation by publishing it in English and other foreign languages. It is not India-specific and addresses a community which is more easily defined in terms of mind space rather than in purely geographical terms. Our readers have only one common denominator: they are sensitive and are looking for something more than what mainstream publishing can provide them.

Right now, the printed version of Bangla Street is published annually as Bangla Street Utsav in festive seasons and the e-version Bangla Street Online is available on www.banglastreet.online and updated monthly.

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Audio-visual Production

Meera International Films

Meera International Films forayed in the media and production in the year 2002 and has since then continuously been a part of film industry and fraternity. For the last 17 years, it has engaged in producing, making and marketing of Feature Films, Documentaries, Advertisement Films as well as Fiction and Non Fiction Programs for TV media. It is continuously patronized by celebrities from Mumbai and Kolkata.

Meera International Films is an associate of Overseas Consultants and a unit of Overseas Group and has been associated with following notable projects:

Feature Films

Documentary Films
Television Productions
  • Paka Dhane Moi - Filmy Gossip

  • Career Guide - Education Special

  • Matrirupeno - Durga Puja Special

  • Tero Theke Teish - Youth Program

  • Epar Padma Opar Padma - Nostalgia

  • Pasher Bari - International Travel and Living

  • Rajay Rajay - National and regional Talk Show

  • Simana Periye - Dui Bangla Concert for Zee TV

  • Bangla Mayer Kol - Indo Bangladesh Friendship

  • Caribbean Diary - World Cup Cricket 2007 Special

  • Kolkatar Diary - Cultural Round Up for Bengalees in London

  • Padmaparer Diary - Bangladesh Cricket Series 2007 Special

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