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What is Diahome

Dr. A. Ramachandran, M.D.,Ph.D.,D.Sc.,FRCP.(Lond). (Edin)., is a prominent international figure in the domain of contemporary Diabetes Health Care and Research. Having founded Dr. A. Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals (ARH) he focused on providing specialized care in the management of diabetes mellitus and its complications.

He launched Diahome, a new age diabetes care clinic cum online portal focused on diabetes management. Diabetic patients can receive consultation, treatment, lab facility, medicine, and other services at the comfort of their homes through Diahome.

Diabetes is chronic disease with multiple co-morbidities and ramifications and needs to be managed with utmost care. The team of physicians consulting under diahome, have been experts in the field for several years, with many international accreditations and honors. At diahome physician consultations are carefully tailored to suit the individual’s medical history and lifestyle factors.

In 2023, Overseas Consultants have introduced Diahome to Kolkata, West Bengal, in association with Dr. A. Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals, Chennai.

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Call us on +91 9830601899 to book an appointment with:

Dr Arun Raghavan
MBBS, PHD, MRCPS (Glasgow),
PGDD (Diabetology)

Dr Nanditha Arun
FIMSA, PGDD (Diabetology)

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Why Choose Diahome

Why settle for less when you can easily consult the best online doctor for diabetes? Our Service is Professional, Precise and Compassionate. We strive to offer the very best individualized and comprehensive diabetes care to our patients. We aim to provide premium health care with consistent quality at the lowest cost for all our patients. With cutting-edge technology and best-in-class medical practices, we envision an Integrated World-Class Healthcare System through in-depth research led by world-renowned scientists. Our services include:


You have the opportunity to book diabetes consultations online at your convenient time with trusted and expert medical professionals. You can schedule an appointment either by calling us or booking it yourself in the diahome app, and the rest is our responsibility. Video consultations add the advantage of at home comfort; however treatment protocol is not compromised. Trained physician assistants, take a complete medical history, home care assistants collect blood for lab tests and also measure your vitals like blood pressure, ECG, height and weight etc.This information is entered in the app for the physician to view and discuss your treatment with you.


Comprehensive testing done at your convenience in the comfort of your home At Home Examination of Blood Pressure, Waist Circumference, Pulse, Height, And Weight. Home healthcare providers measure anthropometric data such as height, weight, BMI, vital statistics, and blood pressure on-site. Performing ECG, Funduscopy, Biothesiometry, And Doppler At Your Home Our healthcare providers do ECG, Biothesiometry, and Doppler tests in the comfort of your own home. Hence, choosing Diahome for diabetes care is the first thing you can do towards better diabetes management.


Home delivery of prescribed medicine for diabetes Pharmacy. Diahome ensures that medicines are available and can be delivered right to your doorstep. We make sure that prescriptions are verified and delivered properly. Pharmaceuticals Delivered to You In the midst of the pandemic, people are afraid to leave their homes. Through our online medical app, medicine will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge. Patients need not queue up at the medical shops. Diahome app offers home delivery as one of its core features. We will deliver all your medicine with extreme care and also on the right time.

Diet and Nutrition

Diabetes diets does not exist. Our dietitians prescribe diet plans according to your lifestyle that includes healthy food choices from different categories. The diet prescribed depends on the disease and the restrictions of the patient’s medical condition. At Diahome, our professional dietitians provide the best counseling and education regarding diabetes treatment. The nutrition aspect of the treatment is made very clear to patients in an extremely professional manner. We offer Professional Dietitians, Online Dietitian Consultation and Nutritious Diet Plans for you.

Diabetes Educator

We provide Online Diabetes Educator Consultation, Online Professional Healthcare Support and Education and awareness about diabetes. The management of diabetes is made easier through our Diabetes Educators' guidance and support. We help you manage challenges like medication, monitoring, and follow-up in an efficient manner. We educate Diahome patients about insulin types, characteristics, uses, and storage

Health Coach

Diahome offers individualized health coaching by providing you with guidance on your health outcomes, health coaches encourage you to modify your lifestyle. By providing information about medication dosages and intervals, our pharmacists and physician assistants ensure that patients are fully informed by providing information about medication dosages and intervals. We provide our clients with very clear guidelines regarding the treatment plan and unhealthy behaviors. We specialize in Online Physician Assistant, Physician Assistant Support, Services Health Coaching, Certified fitness coach, Fitness Support, Tailored Exercise prescription etc.

Diahome Clinic, CE 17, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Near Down the Lane Coffee Shop, Kolkata 700064

Call us on +91 9830601899 to book an appointment or to know more about Diahome.

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